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Medifast diet program: lose weight fast

Medifast diet program: lose weight fast Posted on January 3, 2018

The market has been constantly bombarded with new diets that promise rapid weight loss. The Medifast Diet has just joined the fray. Technically, it is not a new diet, as it has been in circulation for about 27 years, and unlike fad diets, it has a documented history of success. Several large universities have studied this diet and it was proven safe and effective for losing weight. This article provides a brief overview of this new diet.

The Medifast Diet, in simple terms, is a meal replacement program that has weight loss as its end goal. A meal replacement program, in essence, replaces some of your meals with other sources of dietary nutrition. In this case, two of your regular daily meals will be replaced with protein bars or protein shakes.

The trouble with the traditional three meals a day program is that you tend to binge when mealtime comes. In the Medifast Diet, you are required to eat 6 meals a day, a strategy called the 5-and-1 plan. It means that you must consume 5 meals, as prescribed by Medifast, and 1 meal that contain only lean and green ingredients. Eating every 2 or 3 hours minimizes the risk of overeating.

The Medifast Diet promote meals that have are low in calories (only about 1000 to 1400), low in carbohydrates, and low in fat while still retaining the essential dietary nutrients that the body needs to function. Meals prescribed by this diet include choosing among a variety of stew, soups, chili, oatmeal, shakes and other hot or cold drinks, bars, puddings, and scrambled eggs. Any of these foods can figure in your Medifast meals.

Some diets require that you go out of your way to buy special ingredients to prepare the meals. In this case, Medifast meals are made to be less time-consuming to prepare, portable, and can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. However, Medifast experts recommend that you should only consume 1 bar each day only, because of the risk of too much carbohydrate intake.

The meal that only has lean and green ingredients should have 5 to 7 ounces of lean meat (or other protein sources) and 3 vegetables approved by the Medifast meal plan. Some resources about the diet include methods to track and ensure your success. Special Medifast Diet plans can also be formulated to suit the needs of seniors, diabetics, or teenagers.

Stores that carry Medifast meals often provide discounts when meals are bought in bulk. That is, if you purchase an amount of food that can last you for four weeks, you will be given an additional two weeks worth of meals free, plus other goodies that you will enjoy.

Selected weight loss centers sell Medifast meals, but the best way to get your own meals is through ordering them online. The design and layout of their website is intended to be user-friendly – you will have no difficulty locating what you need. The website also has various resources and information about everything you need to know about this weight loss program.

People on the Medifast Diet program has attested to losing 2 to 5 pounds of unwanted weight per week, as long as you adhere strictly to the guidelines of the program. Those who are interested in losing weight quickly and safely will definitely benefit from this program.

The Medifast diet plan is not only safe and easy, it is also convenient. You need not constantly count calories to monitor your intake, which proves to be a burden for some dieters. The body also benefits from more energy due to the more efficient burning of fat deposits, the nutrient that can actually give you more energy than sugars and carbohydrates. Lastly, Medifast meals have foods that are not only palatable, they are nutritious as well.